Homestay In Kota Bharu

Homestay In Kota Bharu – Main provider for the accommodation and Homestay In Kota Bharu services in this city since 2012. We have a lot experience in provided accommodation to tourist who take a vacation in this city regardless of local and foreign tourist. Our location is at Wakaf Che Yeh Kota Bharu Kelantan which is already known as major center of tourism in this country. You can refer to the entry before Homestay Kota Bharu Kelantan for more information about our service.



  1. Astro
  2. Led tv
  3. Aircond
  4. Rice cooker
  5. Water heater
  6. Dining table
  7. Dressing table
  8. Wardrobe
  9. And many other


Facilities Surrounding Homestay

  1. Car park
  2. Petrol station
  3. Food stalls
  4. Fast food restaurants
  5. Workshop
  6. Mosque
  7. Police station
  8. 7 eleven
  9. And many other


Shopping Around Accommodation

Many well known shopping area around our accommodation. Among these are:

  1. Pasar Borong Wakaf Che Yeh
  2. Pasar awam Bersepadu Wakaf Che Yeh
  3. Night Market Wakaf Che Yeh
  4. Gedung Tekstil Saleem Aziz
  5. Gedung Tudung Humaira
  6. And many other


Attraction Around Kelantan

These are listed attractions around Kelantan:

  1. Kb Bazar
  2. Bazar Tok Guru
  3. Bazar Buluh Kubu
  4. Kampung Kraftangan
  5. Taman Air Splash
  6. Rantau Panjang
  7. Masjid Beijing Rantau Panjang
  8. Pasar Besar Siti Khatijah
  9. Kota Sultan Imail Petra
  10. And many other


Popular Local Restaurant In Kota Bharu

  1. Nasi Ulam Cikgu Restaurant
  2. Nasi Kerabu Golok Restaurant
  3. Yati Ayam Percik
  4. Nasi Kak Wok
  5. Kopitiam Kita(breakfast only)
  6. And many other


Booking & Deposit

You can refer to the previous entry Homestay Di Wakaf Che Yeh to get information about how to make the reservation and deposit accommodation.


Contact Us

Our Homestay In Kota Bharu can be contacted at:

Bonda Homestay Kota Bharu

No 363 Taman Paya Rambai, Jalan Bayam,

15200 Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia.

+60 13-401 4200